Seders are events of quintessential elegance set to every detail. We provide you with all Seder accoutrements. You select the type of Seder that is right for you. You may also select one type of Seder for the 1st night and a different type of Seder for the 2nd night. Tables are spaced far enough apart to give you privacy and to hear your kids and the grandchildren say the Ma Nishtana.


Led by our Rabbi & Chazan


Led by a family member at your family Seder table in our Semi-Private Seder Room.

There is no fee for Semi-Private Seders.


Led by a family member in a meeting room that is exclusively yours for the Seders.

There is a fee for Private Seders and it's payable with the deposit.


We welcome seders guests!

If reservation and payment are made no later than 14 days before the 1st Seder:

$200 for each adult or teen 13 and older

$150 for each child 5-12

$65 for each child 3-4

$25 for each highchair

$50 additional fee if you require a separate table because of the additional guests for just dinner.