About Us

Jeanne Litvin and Mel Teitelbaum worked in Passover Programs for five years before they started Passover Resorts.

In those days, Mel Teitelbaum worked as the Rabbi and Speaker and Jeanne Litvin was a Chef and a Mashgiach even though during those years, they both had full time jobs. Mel was the Rabbi of a Shul and a Lawyer. Jeanne was a principle, teacher and a real estate agent that helped people in L.A. finding important properties. She also prepared food for shuls, Bar Mitzvahs, Bas Mizvahs and Bris Milas and parties in peoples home or in back yards or other places.

For years, they were the only ones who had Passover Programs like Passover Resorts does now. For 15 years, they had three hotels in Florida and one of them every year was always at the Ritz Carlton and three hotels on the West Coast and three hotel in Hawaii.

That said, when things went things went crazy in 2009, they felt that they shouldn’t have such high priced programs when people were scared about their money in those days. So that’s how they found the Hyatt Regency Valencia. This will be Passover Resorts 12th year at this family friendly Hyatt Regency Valencia just 30 minutes from L.A.